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May 14, 2024| By Admin

Things Which Show That Your Air Conditioner Causes You Sick

Things Which Show That Your Air Conditioner Causes You Sick

Have you ever experienced sickness when you stayed in the AC for a long period? This is known as air conditioning sickness. The chilly air that air conditioners generate is not intrinsically dangerous. People with respiratory problems can greatly benefit from air conditioning. Air conditioning illness originates at the intersection of mold, mildew, fungus, and air conditioners. That is why you need to ensure that your AC is cleaned. For that, you can hire the best AC maintenance company in Dubai.

But if you do not understand that your AC is making you sick, then after reading this whole article, you will understand that your AC is the actual culprit of your sickness. So, are you ready to know more? Let’s start with the topic.

Signs Your AC Makes You Sick


Remember that the cool air from the air conditioner is also considerably drier and that dehydration might worsen the effects.

Respiratory issue

When the filters in your air conditioner get unclean and aren’t replaced frequently, they become a haven for germs and fungi. In severe situations, this neglect may lead to black mold because condensation from the cool air passing through the coils and ducts can cause moisture to accumulate there. Certain types of germs have the potential to become airborne and can result in various respiratory issues. For instance, Legionnaires’ disease, caused by the Legionella pneumophila bacteria or even fatal infectious pneumonia can be some of the consequences. That is why you need to clean or service your AC perfectly with the best AC repair in Dubai.

Feeling fatigued

If you frequently get headaches and feel unwell, it can be related to your air conditioner. The chilly temperatures may exacerbate flu or cold symptoms, such as headaches, exhaustion, and dizziness. Increasing the temperature is an easy fix for this issue. Raising the temperature could help you avoid discomfort in the future, as the symptoms are brought on by the cold.

Having dry skin

It’s common to see abnormally dry skin when using an air conditioner at a low temperature. According to science, the skin’s arteries constrict as a protective measure at extremely low temperatures. By doing this, the body can retain more heat. Sadly, this constriction also lowers the skin’s ability to fight pathogens by decreasing the amount of white blood cells that reach the skin. Installing a humidifier will solve this problem by generating cooling and avoiding dryness.

Common cold

Although it starts a variety of phenomena that eventually result in the common cold, air conditioning does not cause the common cold. First, cold-causing viruses spread more quickly when air conditioning is present. Additionally, research shows that these viruses increase more quickly in cold environments, such as those produced by air conditioners. The nose’s lining becomes even more dehydrated in the cold, increasing the risk of infection. Do not run your air conditioner during cold weather; viruses prefer extremely low temperatures. Use a moisturizer as well to prevent being too dry. Also, ensure that your AC is working perfectly fine, or else you must hire the best AC repair in Dubai to fix it perfectly.

These are some of the signs which show that your AC is making you sick.