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We can offer you great prices and an unbeatable level of customer service for your Emergency AC Repair.

We have learned from experience that AC problems appear from time to time, and sometimes serious emergency services are required, especially after heavy rains or due to bad weather conditions. So we are right here for AC Maintenance in Dubai and resolve all sudden or unexpected problems.

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Quality of provided service is the first factor to be considered in determining the best AC maintenance and repair service in Dubai. How well do they know their job? How good is their customer ratings? And do they value customer recommendations? These questions should be brought into consideration to determine the effectiveness of the service provider against AC faults.

Air Conditioner Service Near Me


How quickly do they handle requests and contracts? Of course, you don’t want to live without your cooling unit in a city like Dubai, therefore the response time of each company to customers is very important.

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Customer Service

Customer service provided by a company is also very important. Understanding the customer's needs and responding to the the on spot issues plays pivotal role.

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Best AC Repairing Service in Dubai, UAE

Our company is your AC Repair Dubai, Water Heater Repair dubai reliable source for all maintenance requirements. AC Repair Dubai We are determined to maintain our outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and professional services. AC Repair near me Our teamis highly qualified and regularly trained to attain customer satisfaction every time.


Values of our firm are loving to us than anything else emanate factors our working environment AC cleaning service dubai becomes a peaceful and streamlined.

  • Customer focus
  • Excellence
  • Team work
  • Cooperative
  • Reliable
  • Professionalism

Our Team:

One wrong move and unit might undergo new issues. painting services dubai are numerous cases where you require professional and experienced AC Technicians to do job for you. Searching for those experts is a difficult task itself. That’s where our company jumps in, offering best AC Repair Services Dubai, helping you find best AC Technicians to do your job.

Our Honesty Goes a Long Way

Top Quality AC Repair & Maintenance Services with very competitive price.

Are you in need of AC Repair Services by professional tradesmen? AHTS Maintenance & Repair Dubai offers high quality Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance services.

HomeFixitUae AC Maintenance & plumbing services dubai Repair prides on having a highly trained certified staff that provides top quality Air-con repair & maintenance services.

AC Repair And Services

AC Maintenance Services

Regular AC Maintenance key to keep your AC in working condition.
If you are looking for AC Services Dubai that give you best quality maintenance and repair for your AC, AC Service Contractor in Dubai AHTS Maintenance Repair will be your 1st choice. Our professionals have years of experience and training and always provided superior work top keep your AC in working condition.

AHTS can identify Problem

Your AC units is Plumbing Companies in Dubai largest and probably most expensive appliance in your home.Perhaps you have experienced a major problem with air conditioning repair past and you felt like you were taken advantage of, Water Pump Repair Dubai or your utility bills are sky high and you can’t figure out why.

You know what your system is doing wrong:

  • Coil is freezing up
  • Compressor is kicking on and off
  • Your AC blowing hot air
  • Your AC is tripping
  • Air is not coming & leaking
  • Your AC is taking high ampere
  • Your Electricity consumption is high

Emergency AC Repair, Maintenance, Servicing & installation in Dubai, UAE


The Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning Service/AC Maintenance

Our Company is committed for excellence & quality Emergency AC Repair Dubai. We believe that our main assets is our customer. So, we offer fully convenience and ease to our customers & AC Repair Dubai clients by providing high quality and economic products & services. AC Repair near me We even took care of them after providing services.


Objective is to provide economic, quality, cooperative, plumbing services dubai fruitful attractive services to our customers. We want to get 100% trust of beloved clients.

Our Services:

The primary services that our company is offering for clients at peak of Quality and at ground of price.

  • Air Conditioning Filters cleaning & Inspection
  • AC Compressor health & performance checkup
  • AC Compressor noise & vibration checkup
  • Air Conditioner Condenser coils checkup & Cleaning
  • AC Condenser & Fins cleaning & checkup
  • AC Drain Leak & Bad smell Check
  • Air Balancing
  • AC Supply & Replacement of old AC


For that job our team is 24/7 available just at a distant of one call. AC Repair companies in Dubai We have experienced, AC Servicing Dubai cooperative & friendly too technicians.

Replacement of AC:

If air conditioner of your home or office or ever you are living is not working properly & having issues. If you are intended to replace it & AC mechanic near me desired to install new one. painting services dubai Kindly give us opportunity once to have interaction so in this way, Emergency AC Repair our this meeting & connection will be long lasting.

Other Services:

Better Air Flow:

Eliminating the dust, Water Heater Repair dubai dirt & debris from the coil allows air to flow freely, so your AC system operates at maximum energy proficiency & keeps your environment cool and cool.

Enhanced Proficiency:

Dirty coils have to work harder, best AC maintenance dubai making them run warmer & use energy. Regular coil cleaning will give you a cooler home & reduce your electricity charges.

Emergency AC Repair, Maintenance, Servicing & installation in Dubai, UAE.

We are here at your disposal 24/7, every day of the year for emergency AC installation and maintenance service at affordable pricing.

When you feel hot in the middle of night, Water Pump Repair Dubai its holiday or your AC suddenly breakdown and you need immediate help so why wait we here to help you in this horrible situation. We pride ourselves in providing a friendly, reliable and professional services such as , Emergency AC Repair, Maintenance, Servicing & installation.

We have gained a wealth of experience along with AC servicing near me a reputable reputation in the residential Emergency AC Repair near me field in Dubai, UAE.

AC Service in Dubai

Best AC Repairing and in Maintenance Service in Dubai

Book Top Quality AC Emergency Repair & Maintenance Services with very Cheap price

Introduction air conditioner are suppose to be maintain every time to avoid them breaking down. Do not try to fix it yourself. Look for a qualified technician to do that for you. If it is not working as required. AC Repair Dubai It is not easy installing AC at your home but it is great since it makes happy hot weather seasons.

AC provides different units you can set depending on the temperature outside. We can repair your AC efficiently.

Types of AC we Repair

However, the commonly owned AC Repair Dubai are Split System Air Conditioner and Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner, AC Duct cleaning, air conditioner maintenance Dubai Central AC Maintenance, Window AC Service, AC Gas Filling Service, AC Cleaning Services.

Split System Air Conditioning

Our highly qualified staff can repair the split AC installation air conditioner of any damage that it is experiencing. split AC Repair We operate in all major cities of Dubai. AC mechanic near me It is important to have this AC checked for them to function properly.

Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Services

We provide a variety of services. Bathtub fixing in Dubai They include all the best evaporative cooling system that requires repair and maintenance. Air Conditioner Repairing Dubai We has in our capacity the most qualified personnel for installation services. Air Conditioner Maintenance Dubai Our company offers repair and installation facilities for all the brands that deals with this types of AC.

AC Services we provide

Are you looking for air conditioning repairs in Dubai? Contact our staff. We are the best AC Repairing company in Dubai. professional plumbers in Dubai Our main aim is to make your AC work well. We are honest and strive to get you the best services by beaning our qualified technicians to you.

They make an onset check and start working after figuring out the problem. 99% of our customer are very satisfied with our services.

We provide Emergency Services Include:

  1. 25-30 minute emergency response
  2. AC Repair Services & Fixing
  3. AC Maintenance Services
  4. Repairs and assessing AC of all brands
  5. Maintenance of AC of all brands
  6. Installation of AC for all the brands and models
  7. Thorough cleaning of your AC
  8. AC Repair Professionals
  9. Technicians fully equipped
  10. Same day repair Guaranteed
  11. Carbon monoxide tests for safety
  12. Benefits of regular repairs

AC is like other electronics that require regular maintenance and servicing. central AC maintenance in Dubai This will help in improving the AC system life.

  • Extend the life of AC in it
  • Ensures the AC work effectively
  • Enables AC to operate efficiently
  • Ensures you get a healthy clean and bacteria free AC
  • Thorough cleaning enables filters to remove flying dust particles allergies and mould spores.

24/7 Emergency AC Maintenance in Dubai


Home Air Conditioning Repair: Trust the Experts

AC Servicing Dubai

Air conditioning is an effective tool when controlling the temperature in our home, office, commercial business or any other internal environment; hence its importance and the high sales volumes that have been registered in the market.

But to make good use of this appliance and enjoy it for as long as possible, it is important that you consider the necessary preventive maintenance to avoid its deterioration over time.

If in your case, the air conditioning needs repair or maintenance, do not hesitate to contact experts, technicians with great experience and professionalism who guarantee an efficient service.

How do you know when to hire an AC Repair service?

If you notice changes in your air conditioning such as a low or no intensity of the temperature that you previously selected, it is a sign that it needs maintenance or repair.

Before contacting an expert, you will be able to verify some key points in the air conditioning to determine that it is a fault.

  1. It is very important to do periodic maintenance checks on the air conditioning, if it has been a while since its ACquisition and you have not performed maintenance, it is time to do it.
  2. Cleaning the filters is recommended at least once a year, as it is the key to ensuring that the air comes out of the best quality. If you have not done it, that could be the cause of its deterioration.
  3. If you notice that when you turn on the AC the environment is impregnated with a strange smell, it is synonymous with the lack of disinfection of the evaporator.
  4. The external maintenance of the apparatus is important, cleaning the equipment of dust and dirt will avoid breakdowns.

When to hire an AC maintenance and repair service?

Do not expect your AC to stop working, on the contrary, you should anticipate performing some maintenance from home and requesting a corrective and preventive review from time to time.

If you are planning to hire an AC maintenance or repair service, don’t put it off any longer. The right time will be before the start of the summer season, so you will have a quality service during this season.

How to hire a service?

Not sure how to contact a technician? Where to find it? Your fees?

Currently there are a large number of companies for the sale and installation of air conditioners, which in addition to offering the trade of this equipment, many of them offer maintenance and repair services of AC.

You can contact them through a directory or search for them on the internet. Verify that the company is as close as possible to your geographical area in order to have an immediate response.

Request an appointment for a quick review of the equipment and demand the budget, so you can decide which is the best alternative.

We offer you the best AC maintenance and repair services in Dubai .
Check each one and hire the one that best suits your needs!

Why choose us?

Abbas Hussain Technical Services, LLC knows the need of saving time. Water Pump Repair Dubai We value your time. We have a faster response team that will at the place at Avery short period of time.

Efficient work

Our high qualified work will assess the safety of electrical and durability of the AC. It ensures all the parts of ACs are in great working condition. AC Servicing Dubai They will clean or change AC parts that are dirty or damaged.

Affordability and feedback.

Our customer care service is ready to help you faster. Call are immediately answer. plumbing repair services Dubai We are very ACtive in them. Our company is affordable to all people in Dubai.

AC Repair and maintenance services are organizations or groups offering services for proper AC maintenance and repairs to avoid sudden failure or ineffective thermal regulation by the unit.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Dubai

AC Supply Installation in Dubai However, there are many AC maintenance and repair services in Dubai making it a tough challenge to outline the best one.

Air Conditioner Repairing & Service

As explained above, Emergency AC Repair Dubai it could be established that getting the best AC maintenance or repair service is the best thing you could do for yourself and your cooling unit to avoid unit leakage or any other faults. The best AC maintenance Dubai assigns the task to its skilled technician to who diagnoses the system to discover the problem. A cost analysis can be done and the sum given to the client to assure his compliance. The company is at haste to continue with the AC Maintenance Dubai process if the client agrees to the diagnosis report and costing analysis.

AC Repair Services in Dubai

AC Repair Service from Experts on a Budget

In a city like Dubai, air conditioners (ACs) are more than important. Due to the hot weather that dominates the area which can be unbearable in summer, it is necessary to have air conditioners in one’s villa or apartment. Your air conditioner is as important as your wardrobe.

Just like any other fixture in the house, your air conditioner is very essential to the overall enjoyment of your house. This is because the air you breathe in is very essential to your overall wellbeing. This means that your air conditioner should be properly maintained and serviced.

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and efficient AC technician in a large city like Dubai can be really stressful. There are many technicians that seem perfectly skilled when one is soliciting for their services but when the time comes to deliver, the story will change and one will often be disappointed typical person that lives in Dubai will know that keeping your air conditioner in good condition and finding a skilled technician to repair your air conditioner is a real hassle. chiller AC Repair Dubai Another problem is that most technicians have the issue of specialization. Some technicians, for instance, may specialize in installing and repairing of only LG brand air conditioners. This implies they would not be able to perfectly and correctly handle other brands of air conditioners except those ones in the area of their specialty.

At our company, we offer AC installation, repair and maintenance services all around Dubai. Our company is an organization of properly trained and tested AC experts who put their best into what they do. Our technicians are dedicated to their job and our clients are witnesses of our good work. We pay utmost attention to even the tiniest detail and our clients’ False Ceiling Dubai preferences are never disregarded.

Air Conditioning Service Dubai

Are You Looking for Air Condition Repair Service in Dubai?

We offer major air conditioner installation services including split AC installation. Whether the building is a storey building or not, we can take care of the AC installation. Our experts as specially trained to carry out installation regardless of how complicated the house structure can be. Also, our technicians follow the recommended guidelines of the AC companies’ standards- from gas pressure to every other specified recommendation. We also offer un-installation services whenever the need arises. general maintenance in Dubai This means that moving out of your house does not have to be a problem. Our technicians have the skills and ability to un-install the air conditioners and move it out with proper care and attention. Also, before un-installing your AC, our technicians check the condition to know what is in good condition and what is not. This will give you the opportunity to repair whatever needs to be repaired in your AC before you reinstall it.

We also offer maintenance services and deep cleaning of the AC to make it last longer. This includes services like AC duct cleaning, coil cleaning, filter cleaning, water tray cleaning, vent cleaning, internal parts cleaning and all forms of internal parts cleaning. AC Servicing General maintenance of your AC is essential because regular wear and tear of the air conditioner, just like any other machinery, will cause depreciation.

The best part of our services is that we are very quick to respond. We value our clients’ time and try to manage it in the best ways. Handyman Dubai Our services are also affordable and there are no hidden charges.

Contact us today to book a slot and you will be glad you did!

We are the best AC Repair company Dubai. Our qualified staff will live you satisfied with our work. Contact us for quality services. We offer a 24/7 service and can repair any type of AC Repair Today Call Now: 055-707-2146.

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