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Bathtubs may experience some leakages oftenly since they use a copious amount of water. The leaks are very annoying and can cause huge damages if not repaired. You may spend a lot of money repairing this damages . Bathtub Installation Services Dubai are like springs since they offer relaxation. We understand the need to have a clean bathroom. dubai plumbing company Whether it is for your own pleasure, impressing guests or you want to sell the property.

We are here for you. Our company’s services are spread in all major cities in Dubai. Our employees are highly skilled to fix your tabs efficiently.

What we offer

Our company offers numerous services to our customers. They include;

Chip Repair

We repair bathtub chips effectively. Our Bathtub fixing in dubai occurs in less than two hours. We repair chips, rusts, holes and cracks.

Bathtub crack Repair

We can repair cracks on the bathtubs efficiently.
We repair bathtubs from the following brands
Porcelain bathtubs
Fiberglass bathtubs
Acrylic bathtubs
Cultured marple bathtubs
Claw Footbathtubs
Bathtub Repair
Fix a Leaking
Bathtub Faucet

Bathtub hole repair

We fix problems in your bathtub holes using high quality materials. This will inturn ensure that your bathtub stays in a very good plumbing in dubai shape for a very long period of time. We offer the best services. Do not hesitate to contact us when your bathtub has a hole problem.

Bathtub Faucets Repair

Do not let your property get damaged because of bad Faucets. They produce are annoying since they produce an annoying sound when water leaks from them. We can fix your Faucets well and in a good condition. Cotact our Bathtub repair companies in dubai you wont regret about them.

Why choose us?



We have been in the bathtub repair industry for a very long period of time. We are located in all major cities in Dubai. Our company Services Bath Tub Repair In Dubai is a trusted one with the best quality services from our experience. We know what customers wants and satisfy them efficiently.

Free Quotes

We provide free quote depending on the kind of work involved. Our services are efficient and customer friendly. Contact us for more information. We also charge according to the type of repairs we have conducted for you. Plumbing Installation in Dubai Invite us you will love our prices compared to other firms.


Our company provide a customer friendly services to all of our clients..most of the services we offer are pocket friendly and almost every person can afford it. We offer discounts for our services to the customers. Dubai Bathtub Refinishing Reglazing We also allow some price bargaining with clients.

skilled Personnel

Our employees are highly skilled in fixing bathtubs. We only sdmit qualified people to our services. Just relax and enjoy our stuff do a great work. You will be left feeling happy from the quality of work that will have been done.

24/7 Services

We provide our services throughout 24 hours. We are readily available at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us when your bathtub has a problem in the middle of the night. We will happily move to fix the problem.

Our equipments are of the latest technology. Plumbing Companies in Dubai You can interact with us on all social media platforms. Our online services are efficient as we provide a quick feedback.


You may be sitting at home with a damaged bathtub wondering what to go about it. Do not worry, the points above shows why we are the best bathtub repair company in Dubai.

Our services are available 24/7 Please Call on 055-707-2146