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May 16, 2024| By Admin

Signs That You Need To Change the Expansion Valve

Signs That You Need To Change the Expansion Valve

Are you sick and weary of spending hot summer days sweating a lot in your car because your air conditioner isn’t working properly? You are not alone in this annoying situation, though. A malfunctioning AC expansion valve could cause this problem. That is why it is important to take responsibility for your AC and take good care of it with the help of the best Air conditioning service near Dubai.

In an air conditioner, the expansion valve facilitates the release of pressure from the liquid refrigerant, enabling it to expand or transform from a liquid to a vapor inside the evaporator. But if its strops are not working, then it will lose its efficacy. But how will you understand whether it needs a replacement or not? Well, wait until the end of the article, and you will get to know the whole situation.

Signs Your Expansion Valve Needs Replacement

AC is running constantly

Internal components in your air conditioner sense the temperature inside and outside the unit. Based on the temperature you’ve specified, the AC will automatically turn off once it reaches that point. If it does not go off at the present time, its temperature detection is probably not working properly. This typically indicates a malfunctioning or broken expansion valve. If this issue persists, seek assistance from an HVAC specialist.

AC is blowing warm air

Your automobile’s AC system may be having issues, and the expansion valve is just one of many that could be causing it to blast only warm air. If the valve is stuck closed, refrigerant flow to the evaporator core will be hindered, which will hinder the system’s proper operation. In the meantime, if the valve is stuck open, the evaporator core will flood, hindering the system’s proper operation.

Loosing cooling property

You may have noticed that the coolness provided by your AC system is not consistent. It might be chilly at first, but as time goes on, it might get warmer. The expansion valve’s incapacity to keep the refrigerant flowing and at a constant temperature is the cause of this irregularity. But after fixing the valve, you need to service it with the help of Dubai air conditioning service so it can run perfectly.

Froze the coil unit

The frozen coils are another sign of a malfunctioning expansion valve. The expansion valve’s primary function is to depressurize the refrigerant to chill it. Should this procedure be interfered with or not carried out correctly, the refrigerant will freeze the coils because it will get too cold. Frozen coils are a blatant sign that something is wrong with your valve. It is highly advised that you avoid trying to resolve refrigerant-level problems independently. Refrigerant handling is hazardous and should only be done by qualified HVAC professionals.

Refrigerant oil buildup

The expansion valve might start to leak. When that occurs, you might see collected refrigerant oil around the valve. You might also observe green dye if it has been added to the system.

These are some of the signs that your expansion valve needs replacement. After fixing it, you need to clean your AC ducts with the best AC duct cleaning services so that you can get fresh air inside your home.