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October 11, 2022| By Admin

Safety Tips to Follow While Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Unit

AC Cleaning in Dubai

With the increasing heat and temperature during the summer months, it would be quite difficult to survive without the AC functioning properly. Most people now prefer professional services for AC Repair near Me in Dubai to ensure that they work ideally without any breakdowns in the future. You can always expect to work in its top-notch condition with proper cleaning and maintenance services. Here are two things that you should always ensure that your air conditioning unit is in great condition:

Protection of the Furnace:

While getting your AC repaired or cleaned, you must take special care of the carbon monoxide unit. The leakage of carbon monoxide gas can prove to be a big problem as it is extremely harmful to the human body. By not availing proper AC maintenance and AC Cleaning in Dubai regularly, the chances of leakage of the carbon monoxide unit get considerably high.

Carbon monoxide leakage can occur due to multiple reasons like getting the HVAC completely damaged or due to inadequate maintenance of the system. To keep yourself and your family safe, you can install a carbon monoxide detector beside your furnace.

AC Protection:

For basic maintenance work, make sure that your AC is turned off before starting with the repair work. However, if the issue is with the underlying electrical connections, it will always be ideal for you to reach a professional AC cleaning company, like Home Fixit UAE, that has enough expertise to provide you with the ideal services. You must never make any mistake while choosing AC technicians as it is always best to choose such experts who have proper licenses and expertise for the upkeep of an AC unit.

How Can You Protect Yourself From The AC?

Apart from keeping the air conditioner maintained and cleaned, it is also important to ensure that you are safe. While getting your AC unit repaired by technicians, there can be numerous things that can go wrong and might be unsafe for you. Here are some tips that will assist you in getting your AC cleaned perfectly as well as keep you safe and sound:

  • Ensure that the power switch is turned off. This will make sure that you don’t get an electrical shock directly and the chances of a short circuit also become almost nil.
  • Avoid putting unnecessary pressure or force on the AC unit as it can cause more harm and also damage some of the important internal parts of the AC. There are several soft parts present inside the AC which might get affected due to externally applied pressure.
  • While getting your AC unit cleaned, avoid using any hard cleaning tool which can have harmful effects on the system. Instead, use a soft brush to remove the dirt from the air conditioning unit without causing any internal or external damage to it.
  • Get the air filters of the unit changed at regular intervals as it will ensure that the AC is cleaned and reduce the overall pressure on the unit as well.

With the availability of numerous AC maintenance companies, finding the right one to avail services for AC Repair near Me in Dubai can be challenging. However, the top-class technicians at Home Fixit UAE can always provide you with the best services. Choosing the hire such professionals will not only ensure great functioning of the AC unit but also your safety.