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October 14, 2022| By Admin

4 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Home Plumbing System

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Plumbing is one of the most difficult systems to tackle at home. Though a water leak has a low chance of creating any big accident, having a gas leak can prove to have serious consequences. You might get some of the minor plumbing issues fixed with some knowledge and a few tools, but the others can be challenging. However, if you choose to reach a professional Emergency Plumber in Dubai, you can be sure about getting your plumbing system fixed without much of a hassle. But your first target must be to avoid making any such mistake that might lead to serious plumbing issues:

Tightening Of the Plumbing Connections:

Tightening plumbing equipment like pipe fittings, supply tubes, toilet bolts, etc. is one of the most common plumbing mistakes that most people make. Excessive tightening of the galvanized pipes, tees, elbows, or coupling may result in cracking of the fitting, therefore, causing major damage. You might not have to face the damage right away, but an excessive force of water while using the equipment can cause the break out after some days or weeks.

Making Use of the Wrong Tape or Casing a Thread Tape Backward

If you are using Teflon tape or PTFE tape, you should always wrap it clockwise around threads to make it work as it is supposed to. Though, most people wrap it backward so that the tape can wind down while tightening a fixture. You should always prefer to use an appropriate tape to avoid any unwanted situation:

  • Avoid using any thread tape on compression or flare fittings.
  • Prefer to use gas-rated yellow tape to thread the gas line fixtures.
  • Prefer to use thick white or pink for fixing the water supply fixtures.

Making Use of Drain Line Cleaners as the Main Option:

Most people consider using barbed drainage cleaning tools or a snake as the simplest way to clean out kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Another common option to unclog drains and sinks is using P-trap, followed by pouring out the blockage-causing material. Using cleaners is considered to be a mistake as it can lead to several other plumbing issues rather than solving one:

  • If a liquid cleaner fails to unclog the drain, it may end up removing the trap arm in the future and it will be full of eroding cleaner.
  • The use of liquid cleaners may destroy the rubber gaskets in couplings which will lead to major leakage in the future.
  • Using extreme amounts of cleaner and using it more than necessary can damage the traps and metallic pipes, causing leakage.

Not Turning Off Water:

Many people think that they can leave the water supplies on and change the valve quickly which is hardly ever successful. If you are unable to fix the faucet and valve speedily, the water may end up overflowing your home and even to the adjacent rooms or lower floors.

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