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April 8, 2023| By Admin

Is the Air Conditioner not Turning ON? Check these Issues Now

AC Repairing Dubai

Air conditioners are our best buddy in summer. But sometimes, our buddies get annoyed as we have yet to provide them with complete care from the best AC service in Dubai.

Have you ever faced the issue when your air conditioners cannot turn ON? I have encountered this problem several times and understand the reason for this issue.

So, read this informative blog and learn the main reason for this problem. Hiring the experts, in this case, is the perfect decision, as self-diagnosis can be harmful.

Let’s get some valid points for a reason for this challenging issue.

How do Professionals Diagnose the Problem?

Calling an expert for “AC cleaning Dubai” or for repair is wise. So, let’s see how professionals check the issues of air conditioners not turning ON. What can be the common causes of this problem?

A Tripped Circuit Breaker

Initially, an expert checks the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is tripped, the chances of air conditioning turning ON issues increase.

The unit stops when the circuit breaker is tripped. The professional flips the switch and checks if the unit starts again.

If this is not the case, the technicians start looking for other air conditioner-related issues like clogged air ducts, thermostat problems, etc.

Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioners require good service from time to time. The clogging of air filters due to dirt, foreign particles, and dust may hamper the airflow. In addition to this, it also ceases the airflow to the air conditioner unit, which causes air conditioners to shut down.

Cleaning of filters by the best AC cleaning in Dubai lets your air conditioner run smoothly without any complications.

The thermostat not Working Properly

Professionals diagnose the thermostat by keeping the fan switch set to AUTO and higher than the current temperature.

With this, professionals ensure that the thermostat is set correctly. If the thermostat is not fixed properly, it can hamper turning ON the air conditioner.

Dusty Condensers

Condensers help circulate the air through the unit. The dust, dirt, and unwanted particles block the condenser and stop air conditioners from turning ON.
The experts fix it by cleaning the condenser’s debris and dust. Professionals use a vacuum to clean the condenser.

The power Switch is OFF

If the power switch of your Air Conditioner is turned off, then this is not an issue. You must first check yourself to ensure the power switch is ON.
If the power switch is already ON, and your air conditioners are not turning ON, call the technician immediately before it’s too late.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that the air conditioners could turn ON due to the above issues. If you are facing this issue, and require a technician, contact Home Fixit UAE now.

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