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April 12, 2023| By Admin

Call a Professional Immediately for Pipe Burst Issues

Have you ever encountered the problem of a burst pipe? A Burst pipe is an emergency plumbing problem and requires an urgent need for emergency plumbers in Dubai.

Pipe burst has many vital causes. Even a pipe working for several years can burst. So, we need to check the reasons for this problem.

If you are a professional, or an aspirant who wants to make plumbing your career, this blog will resonate with you. So, let’s dive deep into it and get the necessary understanding of the topic.

A Burst Pipe is a Trouble Creator

Before we move forward, let me tell you that in the case of a burst pipe problem, a plumber in Dubai must be contacted urgently.

Avoiding or self-help can be harmful and may cause too much water wastage.
So, now check the common causes of a burst pipe below,

Freezing Issues

Ice buildup in the pipe is a significant issue in nations prone to low temperatures. The chilling temperature causes the water inside the lines to freeze.

Now, the ice buildup hampers the water flow, and excessive pressure due to a heavy flow of water results in a pipe to burst.

Plumbers in Dubai usually insulate exposed pipes followed by a pipe sleeve to avoid the issue.

Aging of Pipes

The older the pipe, the risk of burst is higher. Maintenance is highly required for the pipes at regular intervals. Due to their age and lesser maintenance, the lines get damaged and become prone to burst.

Corrosion is possible in metal pipes, whereas plastic lines get brittle. So, in this emergency condition, connect with the best plumbing company, and hire the top plumbers to heal this issue.

Excessive Pressure on Pipes

Ice buildup doesn’t need to be the only reason for high pressure on pipes. Sometimes, the force of water increases from the main line.

In the case of poorly installed or maintained pipes, the burst happens. Plumbers fit the pressure-reducing valves to overcome the issue.


Clogging in the pipes happens due to the accumulation of materials like soap scum, hairs, hygienic products, wet wipes, etc.

The materials get stuck in the pipes and block them. It hinders the water flow, and the excessive pressure on the lines may cause a burst.

So, contacting the plumber immediately is the need during this emergency issue. The plumbers effectively clean the line and make the pipe clear.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that water is essential to be protected, and pipe bursts can cause severe wastage of water. So, if you are dealing with this issue, call Home Fixit UAE, and get a perfect resolution to the pipe burst issue now.

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