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September 13, 2023| By Admin

How To Maintain Your AC During Winter Effectively

How To Maintain Your AC During Winter Effectively

Your air conditioner may suffer when the seasons change from summer to autumn to winter. Remember to take preventative precautions with your air conditioning unit when prepping your winter heat. Otherwise, when you need your AC to work effectively, then it might not work. Then you have to call the best AC maintenance in Dubai for further help.

But let’s be honest: when you are not using your AC during winter, it’s your responsibility to cover it and maintain it so it can run like new in the summer. We know deep down you want to know how to maintain your AC in winter. This article has all the essential tips that you are looking for. So, let’s start the topic.

Different Ways To Maintain AC During Winter

Clean the Derbies

It’s time to put the air conditioner away for the winter when you’re confident you won’t use it again this year. Remove any leaves, twigs, and other clutter from the unit’s surrounding area before doing so.

This is crucial to maintenance advice since it deters animals from hiding within your air conditioner behind the accumulated leaves. Additionally, it aids in keeping your AC unit free of the mold, fungi, and slime that develop on decaying leaf litter. Up until all the leaves have fallen from the trees, been collected in bags, and been hauled away from your yard, you might need to clean up around your air conditioner several times.

Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat’s primary job is to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. It monitors the weather outside and raises or lowers the interior temperature. You may experience a significant increase in energy costs if the thermostat on your air conditioning system is not functioning correctly.

Clean the Air Filters

When operating your air conditioner, having clean air filters is crucial, but it’s equally critical when not. Ensure your air filters are clean before putting your air conditioner away for the winter. When the hotter weather arrives, this extra effort will guarantee that it is prepared to start up and function effectively. While it is not in use, it will also aid in preventing further accumulation of dust and debris.

Cover the Entire Unit

If you have one, consider covering your window or outdoor unit throughout the winter. This will shield it from the severe winter weather. This prevents dirt and debris from amassing inside the unit. If you have a window unit, you can also take it out to keep it warm in the winter.

Check the AC by Professionals

Your home’s cooling system will operate most effectively and efficiently when clean and correctly installed, just like any other machine. While you can perform some maintenance, an experienced, certified HVAC expert is required to inspect and clean the pipes, wiring, coils, and other crucial components that keep your AC functioning faultlessly.

These are the most effective way through which you can be able to maintain your AC during the time of winter. But still, if you are unable to follow these instructions and want help, then AC Cleaning Services Dubai can help you in such a situation.