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March 18, 2021| By Admin

Your Guide to Maintaining the Ideal Home Temperature

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Thanks to the weather conditions, an air conditioner has turned up to be another basic amenity for homes today. Its servicing and maintenance are thus, equally important if you want your home cooling system functioning properly through the years- especially if you’re in Dubai.

Your quality of sleep, too, might be affected often- particularly if temperatures fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit or go above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimal temperature for sound sleep is usually between 68-72 degrees. To maintain this temperature and ensure that your AC keeps running smoothly in the long run, you must keep in touch with a good AC maintenance company that provides quality air conditioning repair in Dubai.

The key to a comfortable home is its ideal temperature. Here are 5 ways in which you can maintain it.


Maintaining your AC from a far-away location, for example, your office or a holiday destination, by setting intelligent controllers for temperature and humidity- all this is possible, and you SHOULD try using these features that provide unparalleled flexibility to using automation for keeping your ideal room temperature under control. All these functions are provided by smart AC controllers; or, you can simply use your Smartphone, too, to control your AC from a distance. You can further set your preferred temperature, operating profile, and schedule for the week.


Humidity in your environment obviously leads you to sweat and be lethargic, and you have to keep adjusting the temperature of your AC. Dehumidifiers can be used in order to keep the humidity levels inside your home at a comfortable range of around 30-45%. As soon as humidity levels reach as high as 65-80% (and beyond), combined with a higher than ideal room temperature, you start feeling uncomfortable even if you’re inside your home.

Zoning systems

Zoning systems actually provide the ability to maintain similar temperatures across the rooms of a home. You can set specific temperatures for each specific area of your home. For example, you can keep upstairs at a slightly lower temperature, while keeping the downstairs portion at a slightly higher temperature. So, the AC does not have to function constantly to equalize temperatures between two (or more) rooms or “zones”- thus, ensuring a longer life for your AC.

Window shades or UV filters or colored screens

Windows allow sunlight (and heat) to enter directly into your home. To prevent your rooms from becoming much warmer than usual during the days, you can use window shades or apply UV filters and colored screens on windows. This reduces the intensity of sunlight coming inside your room to a large extent.

Placement of appliances

Home appliances that eject heat, for example, refrigerators and PCs, should be placed in rooms where maintaining an ideal temperature is not much important. Although this heat ejection is not constant, it adds to the heat sources already in the room and changes the room temperature quite fast and in a sudden manner. You can seek the right advice from the experts at the best air conditioning repair Dubai near me.

Most of the time throughout the day, you’re confined to the space inside your home. Hence, the temperature inside your home can affect your mood, health, as well as your sleep. It is, thus, quite sensible to keep an ideal room temperature and maintain it. A good AC does exactly that for you- and we are an AC maintenance company, lending you the helping hand whenever you need it in this context.