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October 13, 2023| By Admin

Why Discolored Water? Understand the Problem of Your Water Heater!

Why Discolored Water? Understand the Problem of Your Water Heater!

The hot water from the water heater in winter feels like heaven. But what if you encounter discolored water from the water heater? It means the best water heater repair in Dubai is required urgently.

What makes a water heater facing water discoloration trouble?  Multiple reasons can cause the discoloration of water. Today, we will discuss with about the same. So, read this blog and get a proper understanding of the problem.

The Most Common Causes of Discolored Hot Water

A faulty water heater needs a 24 HR plumber to be looked after. The discoloration of water from the water heater faucet indicates that the water heater is turning faulty.

In this case, don’t forget to call the best plumber in Dubai and repair the prevailing water heater issue faster.  Let’s explore what can be the problems that result in discolored water from the water heater.

Mineral and Sediment Buildup

The common cause of discolored hot water is minerals and debris in the water heater tank. The sediment is stirred up while the water heater is turned on and causes water discoloration.  The professional plumbers near me in Dubai clean it thoroughly and help eliminate the discoloration issues.

Corrosion of Components

The water heater components can rust from the inside and cause water discoloration. The presence of sediment inside the water heater leads to corrosion and causes the change of color of hot water. Ask an expert to solve this issue.

Bacterial Growth

There is a possibility of the growth of bacteria that becomes a reason for water discoloration. The bacteria that grow inside the water heater result in a phenomenon of bacterial iron and cause water to change its color.

The plumbers effectively solve the issues of bacterial iron and help you with clean and pure hot water.

Water Heater Aging

The old water heater may have issues like damage in the internal components that result in water discoloration.  Regular water heater maintenance is a must to avoid water discoloration problems.

Water Supply Issues

The water supply from the municipality can become a cause of water discoloration. Procedures like water testing, pipe issues, and flushing fire hydrates may change the color of water. In this case, check the cold and hot water to confirm the issue and call the local municipality to resolve the issue.


The bottom line is that water discoloration is a crucial problem that must be handled. If you are dealing with the issue, connect with Home Fixit UAE and offer superb services at affordable prices.