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March 30, 2021| By Admin

When to opt for an Emergency Ac Repair in Dubai

Emergency Ac Repair in Dubai

Living in Dubai, we totally know and understand how essential proper maintenance and functioning of your AC is, in such extreme weather conditions during the Summer months. But, when do you actually call for an emergency AC repair in Dubai? Here are a few situations you might be experiencing with your AC which need to be repaired immediately:

AC not getting activated

Usually, a complete AC breakdown leads to such a situation. The first things that need to be inspected are the circuit breaker and the thermostat. However, if both are operating well and good, it’s time for you to get an emergency AC repair in Dubai done as soon as possible, to avoid the discomfort of a non-functional home cooling system.

AC causing mere water damage or freezing up

Issues in the AC that lead to water damage may eventually result in major property losses, and can also start spreading the growth of pests and molds within 24 hours. Such issues can also result in clogged drains and/or ice formation in the coils, and must be taken care of immediately by service providers of emergency AC repair in Dubai. If left neglected, the entire cooling system may be damaged, hence requiring a hefty investment on replacement later on.

AC experiencing electrical issues

If your AC has been tripping your breaker, creating a burning sensation, or dimming the functioning of other electrical appliances on being activated, constantly, then it requires an immediate emergency repair service. Such cases are not meant to be overlooked, neglected, or experimented on. You also need to make sure that your operating technician has enough experience and knowledge, and is capable enough to restore proper functioning, without increasing the risk of a major electrical issue at your place.

AC running in short cycles

In case of short-cycling, your AC will be turning on and off too frequently, without making the temperature at your home optimal enough, preferably due to an obstruction in the airflow, low levels of refrigerant, improperly functioning thermostat, and/or its improper size for your home. As the AC turns on and off too frequently, it suffers from heavy wear and tear, and a lot of wastage of energy. You may then have to get it repaired more frequently, as well as go high on your electric bills- as the system never gets a break, the compressor keeps cycling on and off continuously to achieve the optimum temperature in the room.

Such situations should never be overlooked or left as it is until working hours. For emergency AC repair in Dubai, reach out to us immediately. We provide 24/7 services, including emergency plumber in Dubai, home maintenance, gypsum partition, false ceiling, and lots more.

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