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January 16, 2024| By Admin

Tips for Unclog Your Toilet without Plunger Successfully

Tips for Unclog Your Toilet without Plunger Successfully

It’s no secret that overflowing toilets can be a common fear among homeowners. However, instead of immediately reaching for a plunger, consider taking matters into your own hands with DIY methods. Not only will this save you the potential embarrassment of calling in the best plumbers in Dubai, but it can also save you money. So don’t let a clogged toilet get the best of you – take charge and tackle the problem yourself.

Need to know which DIY will help in this case. Many videos are available on the internet, out the issue is that they need to work more appropriately. That is why we have gathered all the possible solutions that will help you get out of the situation. So, let’s start the topic. Shall we?

Practical Tips For Unclog Toilet without Plunger

Dish soap

Although it’s not fun to plunge into a clogged toilet, there is an alternative. Grab some dish soap from the kitchen to clear a clogged toilet without needing a plunger. Lubricating the clogged pipe with slippery soap can make the trapped material’s flow easier. Transfer around half a cup into the toilet. Cut up a bar of hand soap into small pieces and dispose of them in the toilet if you run out of dish soap.

Vinegar and baking soda

Who would have thought that a science lesson from elementary school could help unclog a toilet? If the toilet bowl is overflowing, you should either wait until the water level lowers or dump out a portion before using this trick. Put a cup of vinegar and baking soda down the toilet’s drain to release the obstruction caused by a natural chemical reaction. Check whether it drains by running some hot water after around thirty minutes. If it does, you can proceed. If not, carry out the procedure once more.

Hot water

Turn on your warm water to get the water as hot as possible. Put on some rubber gloves and use a plastic cup to scoop out the water from the toilet while heating up. Fill a big cup with hot water from the tap. Pour the cup straight into the toilet’s bottom hole. The power of the water plus the heat might work wonders.

Plastic bottle

To unclog a toilet, remove as much water as possible. To quickly and effectively dislodge a clog in your toilet, fill a large plastic bottle with warm water, place it into the outlet at the bottom of the toilet, and with a firm grip, and squeeze the bottle to shoot water down the pipe. This method has proven highly effective, saving you time and money on costly plumbing services. Give it a try and see the results for yourself. If you are trying to keep your toilet clean with this DIY, you should also maintain your home with the help of the best home repair company in Dubai

Toilet brush

Even though it might not sound comfortable if you’re in a severe situation and can’t find a toilet plunger, use a toilet brush to slant the bristles down the drain. A few pumps up and down should be sufficient to release the obstruction and allow it to clear quickly.

These are some DIY steps you need to follow if you never have a clogged drain creating an issue in your life.