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March 14, 2024| By Admin

Tips for Maintaining the Lock to Increase Its Longevity

Tips for Maintaining the Lock to Increase Its Longevity

Locks protect our houses, offices, and priceless possessions. They protect our areas, and like any other mechanical equipment; they need to be appropriately maintained. This way, they can be run for an extended period. But in an emergency, you must call for the best door lock repair in Dubai. That is why you must be very cautious when maintaining your door lock.

Indeed, people only think a little about maintaining the lock. This is the most common mistake that they need to correct. If you are on the same side as the crowd, then it’s high time you avoid making this mistake. But how? Read this article until the end, and you will learn about it.

Tips for Maintain the Door Lock for Your Home

Keep it in good shape

Firstly, no matter how good a lock is, it won’t work if installed on a problematic door. Therefore, you should always ensure your door is fitted correctly, that it isn’t drooping or having any other issues, and that it hasn’t come off the hinges or the track, if applicable. The pressure exerted on the lock due to these issues can lead to malfunctions or complete failure.

Keep it clean

Over time, dirt, dust, and debris will inevitably accumulate inside the keyway and locking mechanism. This can lead to jamming or difficulties when turning the key. Use a soft brush or compressed air to clean your locks regularly to eliminate any debris that could impede their performance. Use caution while applying lubricants because too much grease or oil can draw more dirt and endanger the situation rather than help it. You keep your AC clean once a year by the AC Service near Dubai, UAE, the same way you also need to keep your lock clean.

Lubricate it whenever needed

Maintaining the smooth operation of your locks’ moving components requires regular lubrication. Although oil-based lubricants seem like a good option, they have the potential to draw dirt and dust, which could end up doing more harm than good. Graphite powder or another dry lubricant would be a better choice. A tiny amount of graphite powder applied along the bolt and into the keyway can significantly enhance the lock’s functionality every six months.

Handle the keys with care

The lifespan of your locks may be impacted by how you manage keys. When putting in or taking out keys, try not to use too much effort as this might strain the lock mechanism and cause premature wear. Similarly, avoid using worn-out or damaged keys since they may exacerbate the harm already done to the lock’s parts. Replace your worn-out key with an original one to guarantee optimal operation and prevent future lock problems.

These are some of the most valuable tips for maintaining your door lock for a long time. Always remember to service your water system once a year or have it repaired whenever needed by water pump repair services. At the same time, you need to maintain the lock or change it whenever required.