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June 14, 2022| By Admin

Things to be Considered When Your Air Conditioner is not Turning ON

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The sweltering season of summer sometimes proves most devastating. But why? Individuals are used to air conditioners these days. The cooling equipment is the only support in summers. Now, can you imagine how it feels when AC doesn’t turn on? It’s a deadly moment for each individual. AC Repair in Dubai is the wise decision to be taken. Get into the journey of understanding the problems of this serious issue. Although, ac repair Dubai near me knows all the specifics about this issue. But getting aware of some new things should never be a problem.

Steps that Can Fix the Problem

For any issue arising in the air conditioner, one should call immediately to the AC cleaning in Dubai. The perfect 24-hour AC repair Dubai always stands by your issues. Self-diagnosis can create some dangerous troubles. So, now let us see what the best AC repair Dubai does?

Thermostat Check

The AC repair near me experts look after the thermostat when your AC isn’t starting up. This initial step is the most crucial. The desired temperature of the thermostat should be less than the room temperature. The settings of the thermostat should be set to” cool”. Battery checks and fan mode is to ensure accuracy. This can bring out the issue and make your air conditioner runs properly again.

Inspection of Circuit Breaker Panel

AC maintenance services check the circuit breaker panel. This is an important part as the air conditioner takes too much power through their electrical circuits. In case of a trip, the electricity stops flowing through the circuit and does not let your air conditioner start. The best AC repair Dubai keeps a keen check on the same and rectifies it at the earliest.

Ensuring Both the Power Switches ON

There are two power switches in your air conditioning system. An indoor unit power switch, and the switch that powers the outdoor unit. If air conditioners are not turning on. This must be a solid reason. The best AC repair Dubai examines this issue, and in case of any trouble, they resolve the problem.

Air Filers are Dirty

AC Cleaning in Dubai keeps a check on the air filters. Sometimes, plants, dirt, and unwanted particles may block the airflow. If the outdoor unit is dirty then it should have a thorough check. The problem of air conditioners not turning up may be a reason for it. So, clean outdoor units and air filters both play a major role. The AC repair near me professionals also replace the air filters in case it is required.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that air conditioners are a salient part of our lives. A prominent level of air conditioning is needed for use on the days of hot and humid weather. So, get your air conditioner maintained well before the swing of the season for getting effective results.