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November 28, 2023| By Admin

The 5 Most Prominent Reasons Behind The Air Balancing Issues in HVAC Systems

The 5 Most Prominent Reasons Behind The Air Balancing Issues in HVAC Systems

Arising issues in the airflow are a very common problem among most HVAC users. Hence, cleaning the coils and filters regularly is mandatory. Disruption in conducting regular AC cleaning in Dubai can cause more serious issues that can be beyond repair at times. Behind the poor performance of the HVAC system, there are multiple reasons.

Among them, problematic and imbalanced airflow is a major one. Though more or less we all know what is improper airflow and temperature of an HVAC system, very few of us are aware of the reasons behind it. So here we are presenting the 5 most prominent reasons that may create hazards in the normal airflow and temperature of your HVAC unit.

Improper Positioning of the Thermostat

The very first reason behind any major temperature or airflow problem in an HVAC unit is the improper positioning of a thermostat. Improper positioning of the thermostat can create false readings and uneven temperature throughout your home.

For example, if the thermostat is positioned in the corner of a kitchen or bedroom, it would only read the temperature of this area and send signals to the HVAC system functioning accordingly. After this, the air conditioning system of your home will close off regardless of the temperature in other parts of your home.

Temperature Fluctuation Between Flooring

Another prime reason for an imbalanced HVAC system is temperature fluctuation between flooring. As heat increases, you may notice that the second floor builds up more temperature than the first floor. This builds up a notable temperature fluctuation between the two storeys of the same building. Additionally, having only one thermostat to monitor two storeys can create a bigger temperature and airflow imbalance.

Sub-Standard Insulation

The next major reason behind an imbalanced HVAC system is below-quality home insulation. If your home is not insulated well, the draft areas can make it very hard to both cool and heat your home. We all know that warm air always goes upwards. Hence if your attic has an insulation shortage, it can make your home cold in winter. Any issues in insulation can create temperature fluctuations in your home such as drafty doors and windows.

Room Location

The location of the rooms can create massive fluctuations in the airflow and temperature of your home. For example, rooms that are located in the South direction receive more direct sunlight in comparison to the rooms in the Northern direction. This can create temperature fluctuations in your home.

Leakages in Ductwork

Though small leakages may not seem very big, they can significantly change the temperature and airflow balance of your home. If the ducts of your home even have very small leakages, it can make both the cooled and heated air pass through it which ultimately creates a high-temperature imbalance.

Improper Sizing of HVAC System

For both effective cooling and heating, it is crucial to use a properly sized HVAC unit. If an oversized HVAC unit is used, it would short cycle continually. This means they won’t be switched on long enough to cool or heat your home. An oversized HVAC unit can not retain proper pressure which results in weak airflow. On the other side, an undersized HVAC system can’t disseminate the air evenly in a room. An undersized HVAC system works harder to attain the set temperature. This can cause your HVAC to get more wear and tear.


All these aspects hold immense significance in maintaining the proper temperature of your home. Whenever there is a requirement for effective AC maintenance services, contact us. This is because we have highly experienced and certified technicians on whom you can rely without any doubt.