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March 3, 2023| By Admin

Need help turning on the Air Conditioner? Read This.

AC Fix Dubai

Are you having issues with your air conditioners? Looking for the best ac repair in Dubai? Connect with the top companies offering the best services for your air conditioners.

Our air conditioner often turns faulty, and we face issues during the scorching summers. One of those faults is when the air conditioner doesn’t turn on.

The trouble with the AC Unit may become severe if emergency ac repair Dubai professionals are not contacted soon.

But do you know why the AC unit doesn’t turn on? Check with the current blog, and understand the causes of your air conditioners not turning on.

Valid Reasons for your AC Unit not Powering On

Self-help during AC-related issues is not a good option. Many problems can occur due to the self-diagnosing of an appliance.

A professional must perform AC cleaning in Dubai at appropriate time intervals. Neglecting time AC servicing leads to an increase in the problems of air conditioners.

Now, returning to our topic, let us consider some significant points of air conditioners not switching on.

Dirty Air Filters

Clogged-up air filters with dirt, debris, and foreign particles hamper airflow to the air conditioner’s unit. This becomes a reason for shutting down an air conditioner.
So, professionals for AC cleaning in Dubai help rectify this issue by cleaning the air filters or replacing them in case of deterioration.

Condenser in a Dirty State

Condenser is an integral part of an air conditioner, and it helps circulate the air through the unit. But it becomes blocked due to the insertion of contaminated particles, debris, dirt, and dust in the condenser.

This can cause issues like the air conditioner not turning on or not working correctly.

The thermostat is not Set Correctly

The thermostat must be adequately set to let the air conditioner work properly. The professionals of ac repair in Dubai must be contacted to ensure the appropriate working of the air conditioner.

The experts perform the thermostat checkup by ensuring that the temperature of an AC is set higher than the room temperature and the fan is set on AUTO mode. A thermostat inappropriately set is a significant reason for a non-working AC.

The power Switch is Turned Off

Sometimes we need to check correctly to avoid becoming worried. This happens when AC is not turning on and we haven’t checked the power button of the appliance.
So, before rushing to the ac repair Dubai experts, wait a while and check for the power switches once. If these are ON, and the air conditioner is still not working, that’s a matter of worry.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that you connect with Home Fixit UAE if your air conditioner is not switching on. They carry experienced professionals to work with the best faulty air conditioners and know how to fix them professionally.

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