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June 27, 2022| By Admin

How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit from Inside

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Air conditioners consist of various parts. One of them is an air conditioner unit. Do you want to know the procedure for the AC cleaning unit? So, hold your breath for a simple but effective procedure.

Air conditioners are our cooling agent in the sweltering weather of summers. When heat tears our heads, then air conditioners work at their best. But keeping it the best requires some hard work. Proper AC maintenance in Dubai is a must for the appropriate working of an AC.

Steps Involved in the Cleaning Process

The air conditioner unit is a crucial part of an air conditioner. Cleaning makes it works effectively by way of providing satisfactory cooling. Let us understand the proper AC cleaning procedure below.

Turn the Power Off

The foremost thing that technicians keep in mind is to switch off the air conditioners. Opening the unit of the air conditioner without turning the power off may cause shocks.

AC maintenance in Dubai considers safety a high priority. Performing the tasks in the daytime is preferable.

Open the Air Conditioner Unit

Then comes the opening of the air conditioner unit. The door to the evaporator coils has to be opened by removing the duct tape. Removal of bolts on the door will work.

Evaporator Coils Cleaning

Technicians are the professionals to perform the best AC cleaning. Evaporator coils are an important part of the air conditioner unit. The cleaning can be done using a soft brush.

Technicians wear a mask as this can avoid dust insert your nose. Masks help most allergic professionals. A coil cleaner solution is another option to remove the dust and dirt from the evaporator coils.

Cleaning of Drain Pan of Air Conditioners

After cleaning the evaporator coils, the drain pan has to be cleaned out. A mixture of bleach and water cleans it perfectly. Technicians usually start with soap and water.

AC Cleaning experts clean the drain properly and sometimes use drain pan tablets to avoid algae.

Cleaning of Air Conditioner Drain

While cleaning the drain bleach solution works at a great pace. AC cleaning of the unit is fulfilled with the proper completion of the whole procedure. The cleaning of the drains helps in preventing the building up of molds and algae.

Close the Air Conditioner Panel

Now, work has been done. The best AC cleaning has come to an end. Now it’s time to close the doors. Reattach the door again with the screws. Keep the foil tape on the door. Ensure proper attaching of the panel of the air conditioner.

Now you can start the power and enjoy the cool air of your air conditioner.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioners should be done at regular intervals. Keeping your air conditioner fit may give you a lower cost of repair as well.