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January 30, 2024| By Admin

Advice Every Homeowner Should Know About Cooling System Maintenance

Advice Every Homeowner Should Know About AC Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable interior temperature, optimizing the performance of your air conditioner, and prolonging its lifespan all depend on preventative maintenance. We’ll review many tips for AC repair in dubai here so you can take preventive measures to keep your AC system in good working order.

Clear The Area Around The External Condenser of Any Obstacles

The outside condensing unit must be free and clear of any impediments for optimal performance. Plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs should all be planted and trimmed back to a height of two to three feet to guarantee that the condenser receives the most airflow possible.

You may use a soft broom or shop vac brush attachment to remove any visible dirt, debris, dust, pollen, or leaves from your condensing unit.

A helpful summary of what to anticipate from your annual air conditioner coil repair is on the Trane website.

Keep Your Central Air Conditioning Vents Open

The ducts and vents within the house are all part of the integrated system that makes up a central air conditioner. For them to function, air is necessary. The air conditioning unit may freeze if a vent is completely closed.

Ensure the home’s vents are clear to ensure optimal A/C performance. Partially closed vents are often enough to maintain efficient air flow in unoccupied spaces.

Upkeep of Air Filters

Among the most crucial maintenance advice for air conditioners is also one of the simplest. You should inspect and replace the central air conditioning filter every month if it becomes filthy. Still trying to figure out what to do? You should replace it if you cannot see through it when held up to the light.

This often equates to changing the air filter every 60 to 90 days. The unit may have to work harder than necessary to circulate air due to an obstruction in the air filter or an overly unclean filter. You could get overheated on a sweltering summer day without air conditioning if it overheats.

Drafts around shut external doors and windows indicate that cold air is leaving and heated air is entering! By adequately sealing drafts, you may reduce your money on HVAC utilities. Hire the best plumbing services near dubai to inspect your ductwork and fill any gaps or breaches if sure ducts are producing warmer-than-normal airflow or if airflow is happening through the duct while the air conditioner is not operating.


The best method to guarantee dependable and effective cooling throughout the summer is to schedule preventative maintenance for your central air conditioning equipment. An expert HVAC technician will check the refrigerant levels, clean the unit’s coils, evaluate all essential parts of the central air conditioning system, and propose any necessary repairs during an A/C maintenance inspection.