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August 14, 2023| By Admin

Different Ways to Protect Your Home from the Airborne Dust

Different Ways to Protect Your Home from the Airborne Dust

Dealing with residual dirt and grime after cleaning can be frustrating. Dust particles originate from various sources, including dirt, pollen, mold spores, dead skin cells, hair, and fabric fibers. Additionally, they can be composed of air pollutants such as wood ash, chemicals, and vehicle exhaust. So make sure that the AC you are installing is clean as it can also cause some airborne dust and thus make it difficult to breathe inside the home. Thus, it’s better to call the best AC maintenance Dubai and maintain it properly.

Cleaning the home is not the only solution that you can take to avoid the growth of airborne dirt inside the home. If you are eager to know the other protective way to maintain air quality, here are some tips you can apply to get maximum benefit.

Ways to Protect Home From Airborne Dust

Clean Your Room Properly

It is essential to settle down dust particles, but cleaning the site at the end of each day is equally important. While many people prefer using a broom or cloth for dusting, it is highly recommended to use a vacuum cleaner instead. This is because brooming can cause the dust particles to blow out from the cracks in the air, which can further aggravate the situation.

Maintain the Window Blinds

Exchanging fabric window treatments for blinds don’t necessarily solve your dust problem. Window blinds attract dust like a magnet, which is why it’s essential to clean them regularly.

Vacuumed the Whole House

It’s important to remember that vacuuming isn’t just for floors. Due to their soft fibers, dust can accumulate on curtains, couches, and even lampshades. To maintain a dust-free home, it’s crucial to regularly clean your textiles with either steam cleaning or a dry vacuum.

Utilize Various Blockages to Avoid Dust

Creating a thin fence covering the work area effectively minimizes the amount of dust floating in the air while cutting and mixing materials. Although it may not eliminate dust, this approach can significantly contain it.

Clean Your Room With Water

Water is a powerful cleaning agent that should be considered. It is an incredibly environmentally friendly option, making it an ideal choice for any household. Using a damp mop or rag can easily capture and eliminate dust, allowing you to get rid of up to 90% of the dust in your home. And the best part is that it can all be rinsed down the drain. So, if you want a safe, effective, and eco-friendly way to clean your home, water is the way to go.

So these are some of the most valuable tips that help you prevent the rise of airborne dust inside your rooms. It is essential to look after it as these can cause some severe issues, which can ultimately cause death. Thus, follow these tips and remember to clean your AC duct with the help of AC duct cleaning Dubai services, as not cleaning the duct can also give rise to dust inside the house.