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February 8, 2022| By Admin

Air Conditioners – The Perfect Solution to the Summers

AC Cleaning Company Dubai

Perfect cooling is quite relaxing when you reach home from the hot burning weather. AC works as a cooling agent making your room filled with superb cooling. Everyone wants their air conditioner to work properly but it requires some hard work. The AC cleaning services is very important to make your AC work smoothly all summer. Air conditioners maintenance in Dubai is highly effective with an expert team of professionals. The process of cleaning an air conditioner is best performed by AC cleaning service experts. Let us get a glimpse of the process of AC Cleaning Service.

Switch off the Air Conditioner

The AC cleaning service professionals have the expertise of many years in this area they know much about the safety measures included while cleaning up an AC. So, the first step is to turn the AC off. This is a precaution every service provider takes care of. Turning off the AC shuts the power down and no electricity will lead to shock-resistant cleaning.

Open the Air Conditioner Unit

When there are no electricity issues left, the AC cleaning service experts open up the AC Unit and will move towards the door of the unit, opening the screws will take the cleaners to evaporator coils.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are a very important part of an AC unit. The evaporator coils help in absorbing the heated temperature outside. The condenser coil helps the evaporator coil in completing the heat exchange process hence producing cool air. So, evaporator coils should be cleaned up properly and there should not be any dirt or any dusty particles present inside the evaporator coil for better cooling.

Clean the Condensate Drain Pan

The AC cleaning professionals after cleaning the evaporator coils now clean up the condensate drain pan. The drain pan in the air conditioner helps in absorbing the humidity and excess water and helps them disposed of safely with an AC pipe. The cleaning of the condensate drain pan is quite important. Soaps and other solutions can be used by the cleaners to clean the drain pan and complete the fourth step of the cleaning process of an air conditioner.

Proper check-ups of AC pipes

The pipes of the AC should be checked in a proper manner as the pipes are an important feature to dispose of excess water coming out of AC. The pipes should be properly fitted with no algae collected inside them.

Changing the filter

The AC cleaning service providers clean the filter and if required, change it. The AC filters play an important role as the clean filters give effective cooling. If the filters are getting old then should be changed as and then.

Turn on the Power Switch

After performing the last step of cleaning, the unit door should be shut off, and the power switch should be turned on to ensure the proper working of the AC.

The Conclusion

Air Conditioners should be serviced at regular intervals and should be maintained to get proper refrigeration in summers. The perfect AC Repair providers implement the best cleaning of the AC and make it work effectively at lower costs.

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