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November 2, 2022| By Admin

6 Maintenance Mistakes You Should Never Make

AC Maintenance in Dubai

Air conditioners are one of the most expensive electrical equipment we have in our homes. Proper maintenance and repairs are very important to ensure that your AC unit continues to function in its ideal condition. However, people tend to make certain mistakes that make them call for an AC Repair in Dubai much more frequently. Here are some of the common maintenance errors you should avoid making for making sure that your AC unit doesn’t break down any time soon:

Skipping Annual Maintenance of the Air Conditioner: Annual maintenance of your AC unit will not only fix existing problems with your machine but also perform the needed maintenance for ensuring that the system works efficiently. If you skip out on the annual maintenance, you are putting your AC unit at a much higher risk of breaking down and making your bills much higher than usual.

Not Changing A Dirty Filter: If you are facing sudden cooling problems with your air conditioner, the dirty filters can be a probable reason for it. Having a dirty filter can be responsible for various air conditioner problems. Some people tend to completely ignore the filters and leave them for months, or even forget to change them.

Choosing the Wrong Size/Oversized System: Most people have a delusional idea that “the bigger the better” and choose the wrong size when buying an air conditioner. But it’s certainly not true. If you install an AC unit that is too big for your room, you might face uncomfortable situations and face issues like irregular cooling, temperature swings, and high humidity.

Lowering the Temperature: People believe that if you set a lower temperature, the room will cool faster than usual. This is nothing but a myth. No matter how lower or higher you set the temperature, the room will cool at the same rate. However, if you set the temperature much lower and forget to change it back, it will waste a lot of energy and put unnecessary pressure on the thermostat and force the machine to work harder to cool the room on days when it is extremely humid.

Avoiding the Problems: For instance, if your AC unit has been making weird noises when turned on or not cooling properly for quite some days now, ignoring such an issue can lead to long-term consequences. Instead of ignoring the issue, look for professional technicians who can help you with AC Repair near Me in Dubai. The longer you keep ignoring the problem, the worse it will get and cost you more expensive repairs.

Hiring the Low-Priced Contractor: When you are looking for a contractor who can perform the necessary repairs for your AC unit, you might be tempted to hire the cheapest one. This can be a huge mistake as the cheapest contractor might provide you with the lowest quality services. However, hiring a prominent agency, like Home Fixit UAE, that offers reasonable prices and also doesn’t compromise customer service will be the best choice.

Just like any other electronic appliance, the AC unit also requires care and proper maintenance to keep working for a longer time. Getting on-time repair and AC maintenance in Dubai will make sure that your air conditioner keeps working ideally throughout the year.