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December 6, 2022| By Admin

5 Things You Need to Do With Your AC Unit before Summer

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Like every other home electronic appliance, air conditioners also play a vital role in our lives during the scorching summer months. Mostly, we avoid getting the air conditioner maintained or cleaned regularly which might lead to severe issues in the long run. By doing so, you will not only have to face the high temperature during the summer months but also need to pay the high maintenance and repair costs. To avoid such a situation, you should make sure to avail services for AC Maintenance in Dubai without any further delay. Here are some of the things you need to get checked out before the summer months begin:

Get your outdoor condenser coils and indoor evaporator units cleaned:

The condenser coils are made up of refrigerant lines and the other surrounding radiator-like fins that link the cabinet of the outdoor A/C unit. The evaporator is one of the vital interior components of the outdoor unit with its coil. Accumulation of dirt and dust on the debris can reduce efficiency and create excessive stress on the mechanical parts of the AC unit.

Remember to Check The Refrigerant Levels:

An inappropriate amount of refrigerant can stress the compressor in working too hard. Therefore, reducing the efficiency and durability of the AC unit. In order to avoid such situations, you should remember to get your unit checked and avail of services for AC Cleaning in Dubai by hiring efficient AC technicians.

Run a Check on the Fan Motor, Blades, And Indoor Blower:

The fan located on the outdoor unit pulls in the air via the coil fins. These blowers and fans should be checked and inspected at least once so that they can be replaced and adjusted if not functioning properly. The blades also might accumulate dust and dirt over time, which will obstruct them from providing the best performance.

Grease the Moving Parts:

As your AC unit gets older, the different interior and moving parts of it might not function perfectly. However, to avoid such a situation, you should try to lubricate them often. With frequent lubrication, it will be easier for these parts to function properly. However, while checking them out, if the technicians find them to be in a non-working condition, it is always advised to change them with new ones for the longevity of the unit.

Check The Compressor and Refrigerant Tube:

Due to discontinued use, the refrigerant tube might get blocked or start leaking, preventing them from delivering enough coolant. It might also create excess stress on the compressor to work harder and eventually lead to its failure. Therefore, running a check through the compressor and refrigerant tube is a must-do while doing the maintenance of the AC unit.

Running a check through the important and working parts of the air conditioner before the summer months begin can be extremely advantageous for you. It will not only save you from bearing the humid weather but also allow you to get promising services for AC Cleaning in Dubai at an affordable price. Our technicians at Home Fixit UAE aim at providing 24/7 emergency services to all its clients for ensuring their comfort and safety.