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Misconceptions and the Biggest Plumbing Myths

As long as the drainage system is fine and working, things seem well and good. But as far as conventional methods are concerned, here are a few myths debunked from the best plumber in Dubai that may not go with traditional plumbing myths we all assume:

If there’s drainage in your sink and/or shower, everything is NOT fine.

Drains are often the first sign that something is going wrong underneath. When the flow of water starts slowing down while passing through your drain, it’s a sign you should not ignore, so it can be fixed early enough. Being the most popular plumbers in Dubai, we suggest that using the affected should be avoided until it is repaired or removed, in order to prevent serious problems in the future.

NEVER stick lemons down your garbage disposal.

Although lemons help reduce the smell from garbage to a great extent, they do not clean them and may often affect the blades too. Instead of using lemons to clean up disposal “naturally”, turn off the power source and use warm water, soap, and brush to gently wipe away the dirt.

Do NOT use harsh chemicals unless you want them to feed on your pipes!

Many people think that eradicating the clog can be done forcefully only, using harsh chemicals. However, such methods cause a lot of damage too and get accumulated in the pipes, eventually causing corrosion that can be expensive to get done with later on. Such chemicals may also cause health problems by getting into the water. Apart from plumbing services, you can call us if you are looking for the AC maintenance in Dubai, and we’ll get your pipes unclogged as well as provide regular maintenance, to prevent expensive emergency services later on.

The pressure of water MUST remain stable.

Yes, the water pressure should not fluctuate. In case it comes and goes or keeps getting stronger and weaker, it could be the sign of an underlying problem and must be checked by an expert.

Often, DIY is preferred in place of good plumbing services. It’s getting more common by these days, too. However, it is not recommendable, as good knowledge is necessary for unclogging pipes or carrying out any plumbing-related work. We provide services for the best and emergency plumber Dubai near me, so you can rely on us for everything that’s plumbing-related. Get in touch with us even if you have minor problems, so we can fix them before they turn major.

Signs of a Sewage Backup

Signs of a Sewage Backup

If you’re not yet aware, a sewage backup is when water is forced to push into your home through pipes from the sewage or drainage system, due to blockage, clogging or excessive water, for example in the rainy seasons. A sewage backup is an alarming situation, because it ultimately results in a host of hazardous threats and massive damage, and calls for immediate services provided by the experienced plumbers in Dubai.

Here are a few warning signs you may notice and take necessary steps before a sewage backup:

Drain emitting sewage-like odors

A drain is, obviously, meant to transport wastewater out and away from your house. If you notice a foul smell coming from the drains, or a consistently persisting odor of sewage inside your home, it might be a sign of a mainline sewage backup.

Bubbles coming up through drains and/or toilets

If bubbles keep coming up through your drains and toilets whenever you’re using them, it might be because the wastewater is unable to flow out through the drains the way it should. If this keeps happening persistently on a regular basis, the wastewater will ultimately start backing up, as it is unable to go anywhere else.

Slow draining across fixtures

Wastewater may be unable to pass through pipes, drains and sewage lines, leading to multiple drains that run slow. This will usually begin with drains at the lowest level of your home (e.g., basement), and gradually creep up the pipes and sewage lines. Hence, if you notice slow draining in your ground floor fixtures, it could be a sign of a sewage backup- so reach out to our knowledgeable plumbers in Dubai immediately.

Multiple drains clogged at once

If too many drains across your home are clogged at once, not allowing wastewater to pass through, it may be likely due to a sewage backup. This is similar to the slow drainage issues, and this, too, first originates in the lowest levels of pipes, drains and/or sewage system at your home, for example, the basement. Experienced plumbers should be called in immediately.

Cleanout pipe throwing out sewage

A cleanout pipe is a pipe with a cap, that provides direct access to the sewage line. If the sewage line starts backing up, wastewater is forced to push out through this cleanout pipe, which is often located in or outside the basement. Thus, if you notice such wastewater coming out of a pipe located in or around the basement, this is a clear sign of a sewage backup and requires immediate plumbers in Dubai for proper fixing.

If you notice any such red flag in your sewage system, be sure to call in our experienced plumbers in Dubai for advice on what should be your immediate next step. We also provide reliable services for ACs, home appliances, gypsum partition, false ceiling, and home maintenance in Dubai. We’re just a call away; and you can avail any of our services 24/7.

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