Electric Repair Service Dubai

Electric Repair Service Dubai – Best Electrician in Dubai

If you are looking for electric repair for home improvement needs today, AHTS Electric Repair is the ideal company to use for all of your needs.

Inspection of main and sub DB panels and breakers for proper voltage & operation of status bulbs,Check circuit breaker, different voltage at power socket for correct earth connection,Visual checking of Water heaters,Test exhaust fans,Check and measure load current for all phases,Cleaning of panel

Electrical Services in Dubai UAE | Electric Repair Services with Cheap

Electric Fitting

AHTS provides professional light fitting services for domestic and commercial customers.

We provide a variety of light fitting services.

Installation / Repair

AHTS Home Maintenance has the technical expertise, managerial competence and financial capability to execute projects successfully.

AHTS has the reputation for excellent quality and timely completion of work.

AHTS are highly established and well-known company providing complete Electric Repair & Maintenance of long-lasting and multipurpose Panel Boards, Industrial Panel Boards and Control Panel Boards. AHTS offers a wide range of AMF Control Panels to cater the specific needs and requirements of clients.

Electric Services with 24/7 emergency services

Emergency Electric Repair

AHTS Electric Services with 24/7 emergency services for all your Electric needs. You rely on the use of electricity throughout many areas of your home on a regular basis. When your electrical system is acting up, it may affect your ability to turn on the lights, use your appliances, run your heating and cooling system or enjoy your home in any number of other ways.you can rely on AHTS for dependable, fast and affordable service.

Electric Repair I Electric Work

AHTS Electric Repair Include :


  • Lights Bulb and LED light replacement
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Light switches replacement including dimmable types
  • Power socket replacement
  • Additional Power point
  • Running of concealed wire


  • Electrical Power Failure
  • Electrical Power Trip
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Short Circuit
  • Electrical Troubleshooting