Top 5 Advantages of Annual AC Maintenance

Top 5 Advantages of Annual AC Maintenance

You should get tune-ups on your AC system throughout the year, just as you should with your car, and get regular oil changes to ensure it operates smoothly. In fact, signing up for an annual AC maintenance contract is essential for keeping your unit running at peak efficiency when you need it. Waiting until an emergency arises is a bad idea because you’ll end up paying a lot of money for something that could have been prevented. There are various reasons why an annual AC maintenance contract is essential to your air conditioning system’s performance. And with an annual maintenance contract in Dubai, you can shake hands with us & keep your AC working well.



When your air conditioner is running well, it isn’t a pricey investment; however, it is the repairs that might leave you in debt! Maintain your unit over the summer months to keep it free of debris that might build up over time and cause problems to avoid those unnecessary repairs.


If you don’t have to, why add to your monthly energy bills? When you neglect your air conditioner and allow it to collect dust, grime, and debris, it slows down and requires more effort to get the same results. You will have higher energy expenses as a result of this. The most common cause is a clogged or dirty filter, which prevents the normal airflow. According to research, simply changing your AC filters on a regular basis can save your energy consumption by 5 to 25 percent.


By signing up for an annual maintenance contract in Dubai, you can ensure that your unit will operate when you need it. Summer is not a good season for your air conditioner to go down, not just because of the inconvenience, but also because you won’t have much luck getting an AC technician to come out during a heatwave because they’ll be busy with similar calls! Do not endanger your children, elderly parents, or pets. Instead, make sure your air conditioner is working correctly at all times to keep everyone cool even when it’s sweltering outside.

Air Quality

The health and safety of the people who live in your home are dependent on the quality of the air they breathe. One of the key reasons to sign up for annual maintenance is to promote cleaner airflow. It will help to reduce the number of hazardous allergens in the air, which can make people sick and exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms. In fact, if you don’t change your filters on a regular basis, outdoor pollutants can build up to dangerous levels in your house.


You can schedule your appointments ahead of time with a maintenance contract, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to make service calls! Plus, signing an annual maintenance contract in Dubai with us means keeping your AC working well is our responsibility more than yours.

So, if you are looking for an ac service in Dubai, contact Home Fixit UAE. When you rely on our HVAC professionals, you can get regular maintenance for your air conditioner units through scheduled appointments, preventing typical mechanical issues that can lead to breakdowns. Our technicians here at Home Fixit UAE are highly skilled in all aspects of air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation, to perform the job promptly and efficiently. Visit our website for more information.

annual maintenance contract in Dubai

Why you Should Consider Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

An annual maintenance contract is meant to cover anything and everything owned and used for your business, as long as it can be maintained. You may argue that it is nothing but wastage of time and money, but imagine- how will you even know if a maintenance or servicing is required unless a service provider properly inspects the items on a date for scheduled maintenance?

Further, here are 5 convincing reasons to get an annual maintenance contract in Dubai done before it’s too late:

Budgeting plans made easy.

An AMC makes your annual financial budgeting a lot easier, as you get rid of unpredictable maintenance and servicing costs that might arise any time in case of an emergency or damage. Such savings opportunities for your business must not be underestimated, especially if you’re just starting up, because this investment makes sure that your year ahead won’t require unexpected expenditures in your business.

Increase value for money out of your hardware and other facilities.

If all our hardware and facilities perform consistently with full efficiency, you get the most out of all of them on every single working day. With an annual maintenance contract in Dubai, you can leave all your worries about hidden and unforeseen inefficiency problems behind, that might affect your business and your overall productivity otherwise.

Focus on your business vision, and let the pros tackle maintenance and repair issues.

You can focus on achieving goals and running your business, instead of being worried about the tech and facilities at the premises all the time. An investment on AMC is also much affordable compared to hiring a person on full-time basis for taking care of this department.

You can rely on pro technicians whenever you need them.

Keeping in mind that tech professionals are just a call away is a huge relief in itself. Finding out a company that has a number of such talented professionals will automatically make your mind stress-free if you get into an AMC.

Emergency support at your disposal.

You should be prepared in an emergency situation suddenly arises, too. In case such issues suddenly arise in the equipment or technology at your business premises, you should be able to easily combat them by having an AMC in place and be stress-free.

Whatever hardware and facilities you’ve installed for your business, we promise to minimize all hassles for you and make you completely stress-free, when providing the best services for annual maintenance contract in Dubai. We never compromise on our team of pros- we choose only experienced, trained and knowledgeable technicians who are always on time, and dedicated to have you delighted with their services. We also provide among the most stylish gypsum partition work in Dubai. Even if you need emergency maintenance service, we’re just a call away!

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