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July 7, 2022| By Admin

Which Type of Sounds Does a Faulty Air Conditioner Produce

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When your air conditioners start making weird noises, what would you do? Don’t sit idle in this case. Call an expert from AC Servicing in Dubai to heal the issue.

The sounds arising out of your air conditioner are an alarm for making you aware of its sickness. With the ignorance of AC cleaning in Dubai at proper intervals, this problem takes place.

So, have you ever thought about what each sound means? What problem every does noise denote? What is the solution to that problem? Keep hold of your curiosity and read this blog carefully and learn about the noises of an AC.

These Noises are not Pleasant

Several sounds indicate trouble arising in your air conditioner. How to eradicate this issue? Let us check and see how the best AC servicing in Dubai helps us in running out of this problem.

Rattling Sound

Sometimes, the air conditioner starts sounding like a rattlesnake. This problem arises if the panels of an air conditioner are not properly tightened.

After an installation or a service, this problem tends to happen. The time the air conditioner is turned on, the rattling sound started. An AC servicing in Dubai expert should be called immediately.

Dull and Constant Sound

A swirling or a soft sound can be an indication of dust, debris, or any sort of unwanted particles stuck in the coils or drains of an air conditioner.

AC cleaning in Dubai can be the right professionals to be contacted. They are experts in the process of cleaning the coils of the air conditioners.

Grinding Noise

Such a weird noise of one hard thing moving against another is not a good sign. This means there is a problem with a compressor that results in cooling issues.

The reason may be the aging of the compressor. AC Servicing in Dubai helps solve this issue at the earliest.


The sound of squealing is quite agitating. The air conditioner is overworked. The circuit is damaged due to corrosion in the motor.

The noises will arise while turning on the air conditioners. So, while concentrating on the issue a call to AC servicing in Dubai is important.

Buzzing Noise

The sound of a bee when started coming from an air conditioner, it may be due to the loose fan blades. Another issue can be the leakage of water.

Tightening of blades can solve this issue. Cleaning filters will help remove dirt and debris. All this is easily performed by the experts of AC cleaning in Dubai.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the perfect servicing avoids the problem of noise. The air conditioner will work smoothly by providing such a cool atmosphere.