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August 16, 2021| By Admin

Signs that It’s Time for an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

When we are starting to experience the first sips of warm spring air, that can only mean one thing – summer is on its way. We have all faced the agony of a summer heatwave. So, staying one step ahead of the weather and scheduling an AC tune-up as soon as possible is recommended. Some homeowners, on the other hand, kick on their air conditioners at the start of spring and ignore routine maintenance. Here are some indicators that it’s time for an Air Conditioner tune-up. And for the best AC maintenance in Dubai, feel free to join hands with Home Fixit UAE.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up: 5 Signs Your AC Needs Repair

1. Feel Warm Air

Did you switch on your air conditioner for the first time in a season and notice warm air blowing from the vents? We don’t have to tell you that this isn’t normal. Not only will this increase your electricity bill, but it will also put additional strain on your HVAC system. To make matters worse, your house isn’t getting any cooler.

There are several reasons why your air conditioner may be spewing warm air. They can be as simple as a thermostat problem or a dirty HVAC filter. Consider frozen evaporator coils or a refrigerant leak as more complex issues. If you see warm air escaping from your vents, arrange a tune-up as soon as possible. An HVAC expert will be able to diagnose the problem and advise you on the next steps. And to get the best service regarding emergency ac repair in Dubai, contact Home Fixit UAE.

2. Hearing Strange Sounds

Nothing more than a slight whoosh or hum should be heard from your HVAC system. The majority of modern systems are designed to be quiet. While most noises are transient, they usually go away after one or two instances. It’s not a good idea to let lingering sounds go on for too long.

Squealing could indicate a refrigerant leak, while screeching could indicate a loose belt. Sounds, like most things, can range from insignificant to life-threatening.

3. Sudden Hike In Utility Bills

The majority of homeowners are aware of what to expect throughout their yearly billing cycle. When something unexpectedly rises, you know it’s time for an air conditioner tune-up. AC efficiency is ensured by annual maintenance. Even minor issues, such as an overfull HVAC air filter, can make your system work twice as hard to create the same quantity of air. It could cause your utility expenses to skyrocket.

4. Too Much Humidity & Moisture

Humidity control is crucial for any central air conditioning system. Your air conditioner is designed to detect and control the amount of humidity in your home. When your home feels a little more moisture than usual, it’s time to call the HVAC professionals for a tune-up.

Keep an eye out for a refrigerant leak if there is moisture in your home. To properly cool air, your air conditioner’s evaporator coils require refrigerant. When they don’t get enough refrigerant, the air is only slightly cool but very humid. Look for any pooling water around your condenser to determine if you have a refrigerant leak.

5. Weak Airflow

Your home won’t stay cool if the airflow isn’t consistent. When your air filter is too full or your air ducts are damaged, you will experience poor airflow. So many issues will occur if you don’t change your air filter on a regular basis. One of these, in addition to poor air quality and higher utility expenditures, is weak airflow. One of our HVAC experts will change your air filter, and assure that everything is working perfectly during a tune-up service.

We hope you like this blog. No matter what, we guarantee to provide the best service possible to our consumers. So, take care of your AC, and if you face any problem regarding your air conditioner, feel free to contact Home Fixit UAE for best AC maintenance in Dubai anytime.