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May 9, 2024| By Admin

Reason behind Your Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

Reason behind Your Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

Nothing is worse than realizing that your home’s air conditioner still produces warm air after you lower the thermostat on a sweltering summer day. When you have an air conditioning issue and don’t want to troubleshoot, it’s time to call the professionals because your comfort and safety come first. That is why you need to take care of your AC. Hire an expert with the best air conditioning service near Dubai, UAE.

There are various reasons why your AC is not working and blowing warm air. What are those reasons? Well, have some patience and read the article until the end, and you will get the answer to your doubts.

Reasons Your AC Blowing Warm Air

Your outdoor unit lost power

The two components of your air conditioning system are an outdoor unit that cools the air and an indoor unit that circulates air throughout your house. Therefore, it’s possible that the outdoor unit isn’t getting enough electricity to chill the air, so your inside unit is spewing warm air throughout your property. If true, you’ve probably blown a fuse, or your circuit breaker tripped. You’ve located the issue if you examine your fuse or circuit breaker panel and discover that the circuit isn’t powering your outside unit! Regretfully, a professional will be required to handle this issue.

Dirty coil

It’s likely that even with your thermostat set to cold; you’re still receiving hot air. What happens next? One possibility is a dirty air filter, which leads to a dirty evaporator coil. This prevents your home from being adequately cooled by your air conditioner. You can clean the evaporator coil, but changing the filter requires professional assistance. That is why you need to clean the AC properly, and with the help of the AC duct cleaning, you can do it properly.

Low refrigerant

Low refrigerant is the most evident and frequent cause of warm air being blasted by an air conditioner. An AC unit needs refrigerant to function properly. As the name suggests, the AC’s ability to produce cold air is essential. It accomplishes this by taking in heat and humidity from the atmosphere, making the air feel chilly. Sadly, this issue needs to be handled by a professional. This is because there are numerous possible causes for the issue. There could be three possible causes for this issue: a catastrophic fault in the machine itself, a leak that needs to be rectified, or a replacement refrigerant. Hiring the best Dubai air conditioning service will resolve the problem in any of these scenarios.

Malfunctioning compressor

When your air conditioner is turned on, it must cycle through refrigerant to produce cold air. The refrigerant in your unit cannot cool the air by changing it from gas to liquid if the compressor isn’t working properly. Ensuring that your air conditioning vents blow cold air is crucial.

Duct leaks

If there is a significant leak in your house’s ductwork, warm air may come out of your vents. Ducts are the main reason for distributing cool air throughout your home, and a leak can cause warm air to mix with the already-cooled air, resulting in warmer-than-usual air blowing out of your vents. Experts should always resolve problems with ductwork. Many of these issues can be avoided by cleaning or servicing your ducts every three to five years.

These are some of the signs which show that your AC is blowing warm air.