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April 24, 2019| By Admin

Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

Abbas Hussain Technical Services specialize in providing skilled personnel and materials for house maintenance services Dubai. This company is based in Dubai and has branches all over UAE. Doing repairs around the house can be a time taking and bothersome task and everybody does AC Servicing Dubai not have the required skill set for it.

So you can simply visit and reach out to AHTS for assistance.

Home Maintenance services:

They provide a number of home maintenance services such as:

  • Glass and Aluminum works
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Handyman services
  • Tile and ceramics
  • AC Maintenance in Dubai

Specialize in providing materials for home repairs and Maintenance Services in Dubai. So, whenever you need a home maintenance call us at: 055-312-3009.

AC Maintenance Dubai, UAE

Get in touch with us for best AC Cleaning & AC Repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Al Ain.

Glass & Aluminum works:

AHTS provide top-quality glass and aluminum works and services. They have material for door fittings, windows, shop fronts, decorative glass work, etc.

They have a production capability of supplying these materials not only to homes but also for construction companies and hold up international standards.

Reliable Handyman services:

Instead of keeping a lengthy phonebook with different people for different home maintenance jobs, just contact AHTS and they will send the relevant handyman for the problem whether it’s an electrical issue, plumbing issue, or any other.

This company hires personnel after thorough background checks so you will not have to worry about letting a stranger enter your house.

If you are struggling with some problem in the house and require professional assistance just call the company and they will send a handyman within an hour. Ac Repair Dubai They are professional and they will provide a reliable, long-lasting solution so that you do not have to worry time and again.

Tiling and ceramics:

AHTS provides expert workmanship in installing beautiful tiles and ceramics for houses. Their work incorporates craft, beauty, and value. They have professional masons for the job.

Kitchen renovation:

Kitchen renovation is the trickiest part of any AC Maintenance Dubai house remodeling project because there is a lot of skill and effort that goes into it. Our team will listen carefully to all your instructions and give you a tailor-made design and plan for remodeling the kitchen.

Bathroom remodeling:

The best approach to renovate a bathroom is to involve professional expertise such as the one that AHTS provides so that their team can guide you about selecting quality materials and fixtures.

You can also hire the services of relevant skilled handymen, designers, etc. from this company.

So, whenever you need a home maintenance professional in UAE just visit for reliable solutions to any problem!