24hr Emergency Home Repair Dubai

Need a one-off home repair?

If you’ve got a problem at home in Dubai, we’ll send out a technician 24hr Emergency Home Repair Dubai who can help. House Maintenance & repair service providers in Dubai, UAE.

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Why get your home repair with us?

Expert Assistance

If you’ve got a problem at home, we’ll send out a technician who can help.

Fixed Price

We will let you know upfront how much your 24hr Emergency Home Repair Dubai will cost when you get in touch.

24/7 Helpline

If things go wrong, you can call us any time of the day or night. And we can help

Boiler Breakdown

We understand a boiler breakdown can cause a huge inconvenience and distress to you and your family. out diagnostics and repairs of boilers and Heaters.

carry out the all repairs on a fixed cost basis, with no call out charges or hidden cost, giving our customers peace of mind.

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Plumbing Repairs

Toilet is not working? One of our team of Experienced Plumbing technician will attend you quickly and get the problem resolved. We carry out all our repairs on a fixed cost basis.

Plumbers Abu Dhabi | Plumbing Repair Services in Abu Dhabi

Not cooling:

After turning on the air condition but it is not producing either cool or warm air. Then we can say that the air conditioning might have a gas leak. The aircon system will need inspecting to find out the leak and repair it. We can test the pipework and vac the system to remove any air or moisture before filling and checking meticulously whether the correct amount and type of refrigerant.

No power:

In some point of time the units appeared to be dead and nothing is showing on the wall controller. Then it will be prudent decision to check your main fuse board to ensure it has not tripped. Moreover, you can check the electrical isolator that will be located next to the outdoor ac cleaning dubai unit to make sure this is in the on position. If you found these two checking points is okay then you will require an air conditioning engineer to diagnose the potential problem. Don’t worry it is a simple to fix but sometimes the system requires parts. If needed any parts we will provide a written quotation before proceeding for relieving you that you do not receive an unexpected repair bill.